get to know me meme // [1/5] male characters

Deidara | Naruto Shippuden (Dedicated to Brenda)




3秒間だけ僕らは by ほ そ お

Vongola Decimo’s Guardians Ten Years Later 



MOESTREET / 擬似ストリートスナップ | NEMOBRAND [pixiv]



if you have AP exams coming up, good luck!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ・。*

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Do you have any tutorials or tips on how to keep gifs high quality? Like what settings how many frames max? What filters?


Frame count doesn’t really matter. For filters, as long as you’re not blowing anything out of proportion, it doesn’t matter all that much either. I don’t even use any sometimes. What does matter, however is the coloring. If there are too many colors, or if they’re too bright, your gif will not only be a larger size, but the quality will die out. Add textures, they help out a lot too. And as for the settings when saving the gif, I find that these are the best when I gif.